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This is our PROFILES section where we will be featuring "the best of the best of the best" in the field. This section is updated monthly (gulp!...we hope) promising you something new each time. With our gift of persuasion no one can say no.

Yes, Folks! Our featured artist this month is one of the founders of M.I.B., Marc. The mind, talent and heart behind "Angel Ace".

MARC DIMAANO (Illustrator/Copywriter)

Is heavily influenced by the popular "manga" (the type you watch not eat) animations and comics, has released his own "Angel Ace".

He is a member of an up and coming group of comic writers and illustrators ALAMAT Comics, Inc. , currently hard at work churning out the pages for upcoming Angel Ace issues.

MIB: how did all this manga stuff happen?

Marc:" I love manga and anime; doing my comics is my way of
emulating my idols and loves in the genre. It all
started from sketches during downtime at work;
eventually, I went into self-publishing after I linked
up with other comic creators/enthusiasts in Alamat
Comics. Still doing comics and fighting the good fight
to this day."

MIB: how did "Angel Ace" happen?

Marc: Angel Ace was a short story I did while I was taking a
break from my 'serious' manga story. The original
comic was done in pencil (never inked to this day) and
done on scratch paper. From a 10 page story it grew
into a 72 page published comic. Today, it has been
remade into a 4-issue, 100+ page series.

MIB: Angel is sexy and pretty did anyone inspire you drawing her? "Who" is Angel Ace in real life?

Marc: Contrary to popular belief, there is no one person who inspired Angel. She is a combination of many influences from various anime and manga characters, most notably Oh! My Goddess's Belldandy, Nausicaa from
Nausicaa and the Valley of Winds, Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats and more. In some ways, perhaps, she is the perfect girl in my mind.

MIB: Among the characters you have developed do you have any favorites?

Marc: Aside from Angel herself, I love Kai, the ninja
girl/assassin who is Angel's best friend/enemy. She is
my angsty character, and she can do things Angel
wouldn't, like be menacing and mean and nasty. And
she's pretty sexy too.

MIB: How do you relate to these characters?

Marc: Much of my personality goes into them, and how they
act. Perhaps most obviously in the male lead, Mike,
and his best friend/sidekick, Ripley.

MIB: Besides doing Angel (that didnt sound right...hmmmmmm) beside writing and making Angel Ace what
else do you do?

Marc: Aside from Angel, I am also collaborating on various other comic book projects coming from both Alamat Comics and other groups such as Questventures in Comic Quest, and Kestrelstudios and Tala Studios; basically doing comics with other like-minded individuals who also still believe in the power of the printed comic.

Aside from comics, I love watching movies, playing videogames on both PCs and consoles, collecting anime and manga and surfing the Internet.

MIB: Where would "Angel Ace" be say in 5 years?

Marc: Should be done by then, either Angel's flown happily
ever after into the sunset or she's destroyed the world.

Hahahahahahahhaha...(cough! cough!) ahem.

MIB: Any advice you can give our friends out there who wants to go this "path"?

Marc: Writing and drawing comics is a fun way of expressing one's self if you have the talent and the desire; try it and show off to friends. Self-publishing is a bit more complicated and involves tons of work with no sure promise of success. Still, if you want to, do so while you can. (end)

(Special thanks to Marc Dimaano and Tala Studios for the images)