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MARCO ANTONIO DIMAANO (Illustrator/Copywriter) Born on June 13, 1973, with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, University of the Philippines. Marc grew up at the age of the ever popular Japanese animation - VOLTEZ V, MAZINGER Z and PAUL IN WONDERLAND , he was also one of the thousands who cried when it went off the air, one of the thousand who shouted "YO ! JOE !" on the comebacks of these weekend treats. A fan of the "Wonderful World of Disney" he never misses any of Disney's fully animated movies which they bring out yearly. Having criticized Belle as the most beautiful girl in Disney animation today.

Now, heavily influenced by the popular "manga" (the type you watch not eat) animations and comics, has released his own "Angel Ace". He is now a member of an up and coming group of comic writers and illustrators ALAMAT Comics, Inc. , currently hard at work churning out the pages for upcoming Angel Ace issues.

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ALEX BITARA SIBUG (Graphic Artist/Designer, filmmaker, Performance Artist?) Born July 19, 1973. Went to high school in Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication in UP Diliman, batch 1994. Now runs his own Graphic Design Firm, ABSAC Designs. Does everything from album covers to calendars and comic book art.His work is characterized by vivid colors and very clean lines. Known to his batchmates as "the Demon".

The "demon " works non -stop finishing a project in record time. He has adapted to almost every medium in the book. What is the "demon's" secret ? How does he do it? Working almost every night ,to almost every week. He does have a week spot , he can not exceed three weeks without sleep that on the final day , final hour would collapsed into deep slumber. So if you can out do him in such a task you may beat him....... somehow.(I'd suggest an alloy baseball bat)

The unbeaten and unshaken Alex is one of the MEN IN BRUSH.